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Is Queensland Labor a model for the centre-left?

In a recent article discussing Australian Labor’s decline in small-town Australia, acclaimed progressive campaign strategist and pollster Kosmos Samaras concludes by holding up Queensland Labor as a model of electoral success. Here, I examine whether Queensland Labor’s performance is truly as extraordinary as claimed.

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Perot: Long Shot or Unprecedented President?

In a new video by the thought-provoking AlternateHistoryHub, they describe a Ross Perot win in 1992 as “incredibly unlikely”. However, Perot’s polling and coalition could have allowed him to win even without a plurality of the vote, had he not dropped out midway.

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Pandemic Politics: Incumbent Governments

Contrary to popular belief, the average incumbent government made no net gains in elections held during the pandemic, with only weak evidence that governments who oversaw COVID-19 explosions suffered electorally.

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Pandemic Politics: Minor Parties

The advent of a global pandemic has significantly shifted the contours of politics and especially of elections and electioneering. Here, we look at the performance of minor parties in elections throughout the COVID era.

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Stage Directions

Pull down Marx’s Capital from the shelf, and he will tell you that value should be correlated to the labour put into it. Pick up Chesterton, and he’ll say that a thing must be loved before it is loveable.  In beginning to write, we don’t appeal to either philosophy for justification.

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